Cloud technology has been the number one business buzz term of late. Given the agility and efficiency it provides, more and more businesses are jumping on the hype train, with Australian cloud spending expected to hit $800 million by 2019, according to figures collated by telecommunications consultants Telsyte.  

What was Oracle OpenWorld 2015 all about?  

This trend appears to be sweeping the globe, if Oracle OpenWorld 2015 was anything to go by. Running from October 25-29, the event was an enormous celebration of all things enterprise IT. With more than 2,500 sessions spread across 18 venues containing countless custom exhibition stands, OpenWorld 2015 gave attendees some valuable insight into how the IT infrastructure of the future might function.   

With a strong focus on sharing ideas and engaging with like-minded individuals, thousands of speakers took to various stages throughout the five day affair, giving visitors the opportunity to learn and connect with some of the biggest names in the industry. There were also more than 400 demonstrations, providing event-goers with a hands-on look at how they can leverage emerging technology to solve problems and improve business efficiencies.  

Oracle OpenWorld attracted 60,000 attendees.

Although enterprise IT infrastructure might seem like a fairly niche industry, the event attracted around 60,000 attendees from 141 countries, proving that the tech has becoming an important business asset in locations all around the world.  

You don't need to be an IT wizard to appreciate some of the key ideas that came out of OpenWorld 2015. Here are two of our favourite takeaways from the event:

1. Competition is fierce  

Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison explained that competition is fierce in the database and cloud space.

"In this new world of cloud computing, everything has changed. And almost all of our competitors are new," said Mr Ellison, as quoted by Forbes contributor Rob Preston. 

Competition breeds innovation, so perhaps it isn't so surprising that the IT world is evolving at such a rapid rate. 

2. Data visualisation is on the way

Ease of use is particularly important in the complex world of IT. Computer Business Review noted that Oracle is seeking to address this issue by adding a visualisation component to its cloud service, that will enable users to gain analytical insight quickly and intuitively.  

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 offered attendees a glimpse of the future of IT. If you're planning on exhibiting at a similar event in the future, get in touch with Proj-X to find out how our international customised booth spaces can help drive engagement.