There's something inherently magical about a pop-up store.

Here one moment, gone the next – the very concept evokes a sense of mystery and theatrics. And companies around the world are making the most of this platform, doing far more than simply displaying their products in a temporary location.

Characterised by flexibility and agility, the nature of the pop-up store makes it useful for a variety of enterprises and purposes. Some may be attracted by the option to reach a consumer base without investing heavily in permanent space. Others might take advantage of the ability to travel and spread their brand messaging to a broad audience. Still more may seek to capitalise on seasonal opportunities, such as holiday shopping.

With organisations large and small partaking in pop-up ventures, this avenue offers a range of benefits – especially as companies take their displays to the next level for some truly impressive results. 

Here are three ways to transform a pop-up store into a remarkable marketing opportunity:

1. Foster a unique experience

Why would established, big-name companies participate in pop-up ventures? The strategy enables them to do something they can't necessarily complete in their traditional locations: Foster a novel experience for visitors.

Take, for example, Glade's new pop-up boutique. The company sought to create a one-of-a-kind store in New York City for the holiday season. Fitting for the brand's fragrant products, the goal of the venture is to take visitors on a journey exploring how scents make us feel. This, the organisation hopes, will inspire customers to "give the gift of feelings – through scent."

2. Give back

Pop up events can also be tied to a mission to capture the interest of visitors, foster a positive brand image and have a positive impact on a wider cause. For instance, the first annual holiday "Shop Till You Pop LA", which is a two-day pop-up event, will send a percentage of all sales to assist Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Other pop-up events could focus specifically on helping others, as the Street Store is set to do in Auckland, New Zealand. This venture will enable less fortunate individuals to choose from displays of donated clothing that people dropped off at the sites. 

3. Boost customer interactions

Pop-up stores enable companies to reach out to their consumers and be present in a unique way. By creating a display in a strategic area, organisations can make an effort to get to know their customers' wants and needs on a deeper level, while giving visitors the chance to get hands-on with exciting products.

"We feel that when you enable consumers to experience our product and talk to our product experts in environments where they would normally be using them, it gives them a real sense of how that product can enhance their lives," said Julie Bauer, president of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, while commenting on the enterprise's plans to set up shop in New York City's Union Square area. 

Ideas popping up everywhere

With benefits like these, it's no wonder that pop-up stores are growing in popularity and variety. As the Sydney Morning Herald reported in January, these activities are on the rise in Australia as well – with online stores seeking to connect with customers and larger commercial spaces seeking to stay relevant with smaller, evolving retail offerings.

All of this is fuelling an impressive amount of business, with PopUp Republic estimating these stores will bring in about US$2 billion across the US during the holiday season alone, CNBC reported.

As more organisations around the globe jump on the bandwagon, the key to gaining a competitive edge will be honing in on those next-level strategies that can set your pop-up event apart.