Recently, on January 30 and 31, the New South Wales capital opened its doors to all travel industry professionals and enthusiasts at the Travel Expo Sydney 2016. 

Hosted in the Dome and several halls of the Sydney Showground in the massive Sydney Olympic Park, the Travel Expo is a classic example of the diverse range of travel opportunities on offer. Exhibitors range from airlines to railway trips to cruises and more. Here are two key takeaways from this successful expo. 

1. Custom booth designs that respond to the expo theme are ideal 

Typically, a custom stand or exhibition booth will be designed to showcase the brand or business – but instead, a design that responds to both the business as well as the overarching theme of the trade show or expo looks even more cohesive. 

The team at Proj-X helped develop the custom booth for Fiji Tourism, and our plans incorporated the brand logo against a crisp white backdrop beside pillars covered in stunning travel photography from the Pacific paradise of Fijian islands. This was beneficial for the brand activation of Fiji Tourism. 

However, beyond that, the roof of the booth was thatched and this fit in seamlessly with the overall vacation vibe of a travel expo. It's eye-catching, but still cohesively works with the rest of the space which is a positive design strategy and a key takeaway. 

We also included soft, plush white seating at the booth so people interested in booking a holiday to Fiji could do so in comfort while networking with the Fiji Tourism team. 

"Proj-x Design not only came up with an innovative design specific for our brand, but their customer service, attention to detail and execution of the project was seamless and from a client's perspective, faultless," said Carlah Walton, Fiji Tourism's Regional Director for Australia. 

Luisa Finiasi, Senior Marketing Manager at Fiji Tourism, added that their suppliers complimented our booth design as the "best stand ever that was put up by Tourism Fiji in Australia" and consumers felt it "was a show stopper and the best stand with efforts and love put into it." 

In many ways, the Fiji stand stole the show and became the centrepiece for the entire event.

2. Diversity of travel was emphasised through free lectures, main stage and a food drive 

The state of NSW means business when it comes to travel, having established the Destination NSW as a statutory authority in July 2011, which has since been devoted to the cause of growing visitor economy statewide but especially in Sydney.

However, this expo highlighted the importance of global travel through innovative methods such as free 20-minute presentations from experts across four theatrette zones. There was also a Main Stage with travel-inspired performances such as a traditional Hawaiian hula and ukelele, as well as Lonely Planet's Best in Travel: Top Experiences for 2016 session.

Finally, a focus on giving back through charity foodbanks was also included, where expo visitors could donate non-perishable food items at a collection point to be taken to those in need.