As far as exhibitions and trade shows go, the consumer electronics industry may just be one of the most enticing. Not only do these companies regularly thrill consumers with their revolutionary ideas and innovations, the expo hall is a great place for hands-on experiences and live demos. 

Whether you're involved in a consumer electronics company looking to reach business partners and potential customers or a techie who's anxious for a sneak peak at the up-and-coming gadget of the year, it pays to know what's on the docket. That way, you can start making plans for your exhibition strategy or booking travel to get to where the goods are. 

Here's a selection of this year's consumer electronic shows. 

1. IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited 

September 4-9, 2015: Berlin, Germany 

Organised by The German Association for Entertainment and Communications Electronics and Messe Berlin, the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited show is a great addition to any technology guru's schedule. 

Pegged as the 'official partner of the future', this exhibition has been running since 1924, so it's witnessed an amazing journey of technological development – always with an eye on the next generation of exciting possibilities.

Hop on over to the Berlin Exhibition Site for international keynotes, trade show booths, concerts and summer garden open air events. Attendees can expect to see displays of 3-D printing technology, advanced home protection devices, interactive media, the Internet of Things and more.

Just remember to get all your ticketing in order ahead of time, and – unless you're a German national – that means contacting your Messe Berlin foreign representatives for assistance.

2. International CES

January 6-9, 2016: Las Vegas, NV, United States 

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is arguably the top of the bunch when it comes to exhibitions for this industry. The self-proclaimed 'global stage for innovation', the annual show brings together tech enthusiasts from around the world for a truly impressive program filled with networking opportunities, speakers, special events and jaw-dropping inventions. 

After bringing some 170,000 attendees together last year, International CES is already fostering excitement for its 2016 iteration by engaging Twitter followers. Just check out the hashtag #CES2016 for a sneak peak. 

3. Electronica China 

March 15-17, 2016: Shanghai, China 

It's no secret that China is a leader when it comes to creating consumer electronics. For that reason, what better place to hold a technology exposition than in the heart of the booming Asia-Pacific region? 

Those who attend Electronica China can expect the Shanghai New International Expo Center to be bursting at the seams with electronics, semiconductors, systems and applications. Exhibitors enjoy the opportunity to connect with experts in diverse fields in the industry, while presenting their ideas and offerings to potential customers. 

4. CeBIT Australia 

May 2-4, 2016: Sydney, Australia 

This one obviously hits close to home for us. Taking place in May, the CeBIT Australia exposition fills the Sydney Olympic Park with a massive range of technologies that have the potential to transform every aspect of our lives. 

With over a dozen main showroom categories, it's hard to miss the diversity of this expo. But that's just the beginning for this event: Attendees can also test their cyber skills at a gatekeeper hackathon, have a first look at new products, hear inspirational stories from startups and watch demos of really cool technology.

We're talking holograms, robots and drones – if that doesn't get your tech spirit soaring, we don't know what will! 

5. CES Asia 

May 11-13, 2016: Shanghai, China 

Looking for all the excitement and opportunity of the CES without trekking to the United States? CES Asia is the epitome of innovation in the heart of the Asian marketplace – with plenty of space and special effects for stunning demonstrations. 

Last year's inaugural event brought over 15,000 attendees, with participants showcasing everything from piloted cars to kitchen robots.

At the event, some 2,000 companies from around the globe will fill their trade show booths with the best they have on offer, focussing on three themes in particular: the Internet of Things, innovation and connectivity.

Like other international expos, this event provides a great opportunity for brands that want to expand or cement their presence in the Asia-Pacific region, while giving consumers the chance to experience the next big thing.