On July 7, event managers from around the country will gather at The Argyle in Sydney to celebrate innovation and explore some of the brightest ideas in the industry. We're aiming to steal the show with a number of special displays and demos up our sleeves. 

Events Uncovered is all about clever spaces, cool experiences and memorable encounters. As the official website says, it'll cater to all senses, seeking to inspire event organisers and provide great networking opportunities. Here's an inside look at what we're planning.

Proj-X at Events Uncovered 

We took these goals to heart. At our booth in the upstairs exhibition hall, visitors will be able to see some of our most impressive work portrayed through technology-rich displays. We'll also be demonstrating some of the tools we use to help clients envision designs before we actually bring them to life.

This technology is called BIMx – or Building Information Model eXplorer – and its purpose is to let people 'experience' their event or display. In addition to sounding futuristic , the virtual reality process is also incredibly valuable. Instead of trying to imagine what their end result will be like for the audience by looking over some blueprints, they can 'step' right into the showroom in three dimensions.  

In addition to our main booth, we'll be setting up one of our shipping container showrooms right in the middle of the outdoor courtyard. Not only will it be outfitted with a selection of the unique branding options we offer to clients to make these structures their own, we also have a very special surprise in store. 

Special demonstration: Live graffiti artist   

To properly decorate our mobile showroom for such a creative, innovative occasion, we commissioned graffiti artist R-J Williams – also known as The Massive. He's worked on public murals, commercial designs and a range of premiere art events all around the world, so we're very excited to have him unleash his paints – and artistic genius – on the 'canvas' of our shipping container. This unique art installation will occur in the courtyard during the cocktail event from 6 to 8 p.m.

Check out some of his work for Activision here: 

R-J's work is amazing both because of its scale and the remarkable degree of nuance and detail, but why simply display art when you can watch it unfold? We've asked The Massive to carry out his work during Events Uncovered. That way, visitors can see innovation and creativity in the making. 

What's he going to paint? We're keeping it under wraps for now, so you'll have to stay tuned to find out!