Project Description

Business Development Manager

When clients begin their relationship with Proj-X, they typically start by speaking with one of our business development managers. These individuals have a knack for exploring how our exhibition design and other fitout services can support a diverse range of marketing strategies. Nicole Lawless is one of those friendly faces. Going above and beyond the role of the typical business development manager, Nicole has a real talent for acting as a consultant, fostering a deep understanding of each prospective client’s unique characteristics and objectives. Maybe that’s why she’s practically a one-woman department, taking on some the project management responsibilities for her accounts. “I really love that all of my clients are so different,” Nicole explained. “I do a lot of work in retail and experiential projects, as well as exhibitions, and no design is ever the same. That keeps things fresh and always exciting for everyone involved.” Having joined Proj-X in 2015, she boasts over 15 years in the industry. From advertising to sales to project management, we’re not sure there’s anything Nicole can’t do.

What is your favourite Proj-X design and why?

The Glasshouse kiosks are some of our best. The design needed to be eye-catching for the brand and encourage people to approach. Creating an elegant concept for the product has drawn customers to their kiosks. It’s been so successful that they are rolling out nationally. I have a great relationship with this client and work with them all the time. Can you tell I love working with this client?

What fuels your creativity?

I’d say I’m constantly inspired by the interesting and new materials we can offer. There’s always something exciting coming out, opening opportunities for designs we never imagined before.

What is your most quirky work habit?

I always need to know where my projects are at in production and have to be confident we can deliver… I really hate the unknown.

In your opinion, what does the future of exhibitions and events look like?

Expectations from clients are much higher now with smaller budgets. Nonetheless, exhibitions and other marketing events will continue to be a large platform for many companies. With budgets in mind, we need to be clever in how we design stands, reusing the structures for various clients and ensuring we incorporate new ideas to create a memorable edge. Much of my work is in the retail area, which brings a very exciting arm to the Proj-X Design business. I always look forward to seeing what we deliver next!