Project Description

Branded Environment Designer

Branded environments take an organisation’s message, personality and entire ambiance and extend them into a space.
It’s not about putting up logos and signs; it’s about creating an entire experience. Structures, angles, colours, lighting, technology, sounds – these are just a few of the tools of the trade that work to express an enterprise’s key messages and character. If you’ve ever set foot in a Harley Davidson store, you know exactly what we mean.
Behind a powerful branded environment is a visionary mind. Sarah Brooks is one of those minds, serving as a branded environment designer since 2011. She brings together artistry and technical know-how, with experience in lighting, photo labs, sales, IT support and – of course – design.
Sarah thrives on the close-knit, collaborative environment at Proj-X, and it’s her passion for the field that really inspires her bright ideas and innovative approaches.
“My love for design is what fuels my creativity,” she said.
Her clients know they can count on Sarah to come up with a concept that encapsulates their image and goals, facilitating just the right atmosphere for the type of engagement they need to have with industry peers and customers. Always putting her best into the project at hand, she delivers on the “wow” factor every time.

Q. What is your favourite Proj-X design and why?

That is like asking which child do you love the most .. but if I had to pick, NICTA @ CeBIT 2013 is up there.
NICTA (National ICT Australia) is a leading research organisation committed to addressing technology challenges, so they needed a sharp, modern display for the CeBIT, which is one of the most important business IT events.
It was fun to work on this display, and the concept takes a playful spin on the cityscape through tall buildings with eye-catching graphics. NICTA is a long-standing client for us, so we’ve been able to deliver a number of colourful, memorable stands at CeBIT over the years.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy our little Proj-X family.

What’s your most quirky work habit?

My desk needs to be clean before I start a new job.

In your opinion, what does the future of exhibition design look like?

I think everything evolves. Exhibition design will expand into something broader. No matter how advanced technology gets, clients still need face-to-face contact as a means of marketing their brands.