Project Description

Every year, HP run a roadshow which showcases their newest products to franchisees all over Australia. These events are well known in the industry – they tend to be in upmarket venues with lavish food and drink.
The photos are from Therapy Nighclub, the Crown, Melbourne and The Met in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. More photos from Sydney and Perth will follow in coming weeks.
HP asked Proj-X Design to create displays for 6 x different product areas that could be reassembled for 4 x different product showcase events. These areas were:
  • Premium Range – new laptops, slimline notebooks and a curved all in one desk top. For this we created a ‘luxury’ look, with rose gold beads and black walls used a backdrop for the products.
  • Hero Product – the worlds thinnest and lightest laptop, the HP Spectre. To continue the luxury look from The Premium Range display, the same black material was used to display the gold Spectre laptop, with scales representing the low weight of the product.
  • Omen – the new gaming laptops and desktops. This was designed around the idea of a gamers den. We built this as a black enclosure with the red Omen logo as a backdrop with downlights to display the products.
  • Everyday Computing – This displayed a new range of HP’s laptops. With the new colour range used on the back wall and floor tiles, the laptops sat on the clients own plinths, uplit on an acrylic base. They also used their 3D acrylic back lit logos.
  • Printer Zone – similar to everyday printing to provide an open and inviting feel. We used Proj-X hire plinths and HP graphics to highlight the products.
  • Virtual Reality Technology – a large back wall representing the client with an 85″ screen showcasing their 3D technology.
Our design has been a huge success with HP and those invited to the roadshow. This was designed by Jenna Waller and HP have praised her work at the Sydney event. Her design has been requested for all upcoming projects for HP.