Project Description

IDS, a high tech integrated solutions and services company, has responded to the need for better and more reliable safety and protection systems by developing a range of innovative and customizable solutions using modern technologies. IDS’s public safety and security systems, and military protection systems, are based on IDS’s extensive expertise in radar systems, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and building protection systems. They answer to the wide variety of threats in today’s world, whether they are due to natural causes or to human actions, either hostile or accidental.

Drones are changing the world.  They are changing forever work practices, service delivery and even economies world-wide.

For the first time ever, the inaugural World of Drones Congress (WoDC) will provide an international forum for everyone concerned with drones – from businesses to governments, investors to enthusiasts.

WoDC was an initiative of AEG Ogden and was held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.