Project Description


For as long as Proj-X has been in existence, James Grady has been one of the leaders at its helm. In his role as a company director, he’s responsible for shaping the vision, purpose and day-to-day operations of our team.
Before getting involved with Proj-X, James had several years of experience in the events and exhibition industry, including as a designer. Therefore, he has the deep knowledge and artistic background to help keep our company on the cutting edge of the field.
He loves sitting down with clients or staff over a cup of coffee or bowl of noodles. It’s this kind of down-to-earth, collaborative environment that many of our clients have come to associate with us as well. Not only does this help build great relationships and high-performance teamwork, it’s also how James stays involved with the most creative aspects of our industry.
Perhaps that’s why he’s been at Proj-X for nearly two decades – and counting.

What is your favourite Proj-X design and why?

There are so many great jobs we have been involved in. I always like Red Rock events because they love creative delivery and their displays always look fantastic.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to meet and work with a lot of different people. We are usually working on a very creative level in both concepts and delivery. I get to work with marketing and salespeople, directors of companies, designers, production people and site crew.
I really enjoy running jobs, handing over finished projects to our clients, enabling them to operate in a new creative area we’ve freshly finished, and allowing them to promote their brand and products. It’s a very prosperous feeling.

What fuels your creativity?

I am surrounded by creative people. For me, it’s infectious and it keeps me looking at and thinking about new ideas.

What’s your most quirky work habit?

On office days, I have to get up from my desk every 30 minutes and walk around the building looking at what’s going on in production and seeing if any designers or project managers need to talk about anything. I don’t like to sit at my desk for too long!
On site days, I like walking around with a box of KitKats at about 4 p.m. – fuel pump!

In your opinion, what does the future of exhibition design look like?

It’s a little hard to predict the future, but trends show that exhibition areas need to be appealing or dramatic to draw attention to the brand or product. It’s a simple formula.
As products are developed, they’re introduced to expo. AV is growing and clever design comes in many forms… watch this space.