Project Description

Branded Environment Designer

Jenna Waller, branded environment designer, is a rising star at Proj-X. In her role, she creates the conceptual and visual framework for spaces that convey each client’s image, message, work and character. Transforming a regular space into something that’s both impressive and perfectly suited to a particular brand takes technical know-how and a whole lot of artistic flair. For Jenna, it’s never enough to simply incorporate brand imagery throughout a booth, stall or other space: She’s always striving to create clever, engaging designs that catch visitors’ eyes, capture the essence of the brand’s personality and take the overall result to the next level. “I love creating designs with fun concepts that aim to stand out from the others,” she said. “That’s what I enjoy most about my job at Proj-X.” And she’s certainly good at it, applying a very clear sense of style and design to each task that comes her way. She began working in the industry and at Proj-X in 2014, and in that relatively short time, her projects have already won awards. The Transport for NSW exhibition stand she designed for the Easter Show in Sydney was awarded “Best in the Pavilion” and “Best Commercial Exhibit”, for example. In her day-to-day, she’s apt to leverage tools like Photoshop or Illustrator, while maintaining regular communications with clients. Jenna’s high level of productivity and successful designs make her an invaluable member of our team and a key partner for her clients.

What is your favourite Proj-X design and why?

My favourite Proj-X design is Transport for NSW. It was a vibrant and fun design that effectively displayed various business units whilst maintaining a fluid concept.

What fuels your creativity?

Thinking of innovative and creative approaches to meet each client’s brief.

What’s your most quirky work habit?

I am constantly eating at all times of the day, or complaining that I am hungry. I often break out in song as well.

In your opinion, what does the future of exhibition design look like?

The future of exhibition design is forever changing. With new materials and new design trends coming into the limelight, clients’ needs are evolving and creating challenges for us as designers. The future looks exciting!