Project Description

The Rolex Sydney to Hobart attracts up to 100 vessels and is more than just sailing a yacht down the east coast of Australia. It represents a challenge to all those involved, team work, commitment, facing one’s fears and depending on your mates when times get tough.

The Investec Loyal 100 foot supermaxi placed fourth in Australia’s biggest and toughest sailing race in 2009.

Shortly before this we were asked to apply the iconic graphic to the yacht’s mainsail just days before Christmas. We put a team together and emptied our factory space to provide the massive space this task took.

After thorough testing of all the available media we found one that we believed could survive the tough treatment on the sail during the race.

The widely available images of the sail during all stages of the race confirms the durability of the product, the quality of the installation and the skill of our graphics team.