Project Description

Launched in June 1996, The Marc Edward Agency has evolved and grown into an unstoppable force within the product & service industries. The client company that Marc Edward Agency keep is amongst the most successful, influential and forward thinking in their categories.
“Bringing brands to life through the use of people” is the Marc Edward Agency mantra and has been trademarked to protect and, truly encapsulate what we do and what we continue to do so well. In becoming a category leader to be within a mere 17 years, our focus has always been to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of creative, strategic and tactical thinking around promotional activations both in-store and out.

Marc Edward Agency is passionate about its clients as their success is our success. Ensuring everything delivered to market drives the consumer to the crucial sales path to purchase, not just within the category but the brand being worked on at the time.

Marc Edward Agency approached Proj-X to create a sample cart that can be utilised to distribute 400 products for a roaming office activation. The lightweight mobile unit was custom made and fitted out with bike wheels, casters, insulation, white tight sealed, drainage bung, sliding perspex opening lids & a sturdy pushing handle.

What’s Hahn Ultra? It took six years of thirsty work by the passionate and talented Hahn brewers to create this breakthrough brew. Hahn Ultra combines the best of modern brewing techniques with the finest ingredients. With a light and crisp palate, Hahn Ultra is perfectly balanced between maltiness and hoppiness. Easy drinking and very refreshing, it’s low in bitterness and is complimented by a floral hop aroma with subtle notes of pine.

Get ‘The 0.2 Advantage’. Maybe you’re out at a mid-week gig, planning an early morning gym session, or want to pace yourself at a long lunch with work mates. Don’t say cheers with a lemon squash. Instead, reach for a Hahn Ultra and enjoy a full flavoured beer with your mates without compromising what you want to achieve later on. Get ‘The 0.2 Advantage’.
Full Flavoured Beer, 0.2 Standard Drinks. A revolution in beer has arrived! It’s the breakthrough in beer you’ve been waiting for – full flavoured beer that’s only 0.2 standard drinks per bottle. You’ll never have to say ‘no’ again to those beloved beer catch-ups with mates because of things you want to achieve later on or the next day.