Project Description

Proj-X Design delivers The Living Lab Concept in Australia

The Future Logistics Living Lab is a collaboration between NICTA, SAP and Fraunhofer. The Living Lab provides a platform for industry and research to work together, investigate real-world problems and demonstrate innovative technology that will provide logistics solutions for the future.

The Living Lab is a demonstration, exhibition and work space of around 200 m² located at NICTA’s Australian Technology Park offices in Redfern. It is driven by a group of logistics companies, research organisations, universities, and IT providers. Today, the network of Australia’s first Living Lab has more than a dozen participants including NICTA, SAP, Fraunhofer, Casella Wines, Ericsson, Gamma Solutions, Google, GS1 Australia, Hamburg Süd, Linfox, Tradegate, XAct Solutions, Victoria University, and the University of New South Wales.

In Australia, Fraunhofer works in the Future Logistics Living Lab through the Fraunhofer Project Group on Transport and Logistics at NICTA. The Project Group was established in 2010 and is supported and funded by Australia’s New South Wales Government.

The lab benefits from SAP’s track record in successfully running SAP Research Living Labs in Europe and South Africa.