Project Description

Woodside is an Australian-based oil and gas company with a global presence, recognised for their world-class capabilities – as an explorer, a developer, a producer and a supplier. They are Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company.

Imagination are experts in creating experiences for brands that create more memories than any message.

Imagination approached Proj-X Design to help transform their vision for Woodside into a reality for LNG18.

Since 1968 the LNG X series has been holding an LNG conference and exhibition every three years, alternating between exporting and importing countries. The LNG X series has grown into the most important and significant global LNG event with its key aim to conduct a technical and commercial event for the rapidly growing LNG industry. In April 2016 the Australian Gas Industry Trust hosted the eighteenth event LNG 18 in Perth, Western Australia, on behalf of Australia as an LNG exporting country.