From climate challenges to socioeconomic inequality, there's so much work to be done to ensure everyone has the basic necessities of life all people deserve. 

That's why Proj-X is particularly proud that one of our company directors, James Grady, is participating once again in Oxfam Australia's Trailwalker event. Oxfam is doing extraordinary work to overcome poverty and assist populations in great need around the globe. It raises funds to assist with earthquake relief, help crisis zones like Syria, promote improvements in health care and fight for human rights. Here in Australia, the group has programs to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, creating innovative solutions to empower these communities. 

The purpose of the Trailwalker event is to raise money so Oxfam can continue helping those in need here in Australia and around the world.  

The Trailwalker team 

With his team of four, James will traverse 100 kilometres of the Australian bush over the course of two days. A matter of teamwork rather than a relay, each member makes the full trek. It's a pretty challenging event that requires plenty of training, but we're sure the group's fully up to the task.  

This fundraising activity is part of a global tradition over three decades long. About 200,000 people have taken part, bringing in an impressive $140 million so far to assist Oxfam in its efforts. Each team participating in the event commits to raising a minimum of $1,400 for the organisation, with many groups far exceeding that amount. 

While the four walkers form the manpower behind the walk, there are far more people involved in each group's efforts. Behind them stand those who support and encourage them, their generous donors and the many volunteers who help make the event possible. 

Trailwalker participants will take to the Australian bush to help raise funds for Oxfam.Trailwalker participants will take to the Australian bush to help raise funds for Oxfam.

The Trailwalker campaign takes place in four cities around Australia, including in Sydney on August 28-30, when James and his team will hit the trails. 

How you can help 

James is thrilled to put on his walking shoes to take part in this event, but he can't do it alone: We need your help. 

Please consider making a donation of any size to James' Trailwalker team. Last year, they raised $6,000, and they've already brought in $2,000 this year, with about a month remaining.

While walking 100 kilometres through the Australian bush is no small feat, the real point is to raise money to help surmount injustice and poverty. Your generous contributions are the true steps in that journey.