Maintaining a strong brand is very much an ongoing process, and even widely known companies at the top of their industries need to take a proactive approach in order to remain relevant in their chosen market.  

Of course, there are many ways to achieve this. Attending trade shows, for example, enables you to connect with others in your sector, while exhibiting at conferences provides you with the opportunity to engage with prospects and boost your company's profile on a large platform.  

Sunbeam decided to take things one step further. The household appliance manufacturer, which has been serving the Australian market for more than 100 years, enlisted Proj-X's services to help create a mobile roadshow that would offer customers a truly unique experience.  

A mobile space like no other  

The Sunbeam road show en route to its next destination.The Sunbeam road show en route to its next destination.

Founded back in 1880, Sunbeam began life as the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company, which focussed on selling sheep-shearing products. During the off-season, the company started making electrical appliances, which turned out to be incredibly popular. The rest, as they say, is history, and today Sunbeam is one of the most recognised household products brand in the world.  

With a history steeped in innovation, we wanted to create a mobile showroom that would live up to the company's reputation. A mobile cafe was the perfect way to showcase Sunbeam's products in a unique setting.

The first step we took to achieve this was by extensively customising one of our shipping containers so that its facade was in line with Sunbeam's branding. Decked out in the company's iconic vibrant red colour scheme, the mobile space was immediately recognisable to the throngs of people who attended the road show.  

With its iconic red colour scheme, there was no mistaking that this was a Sunbeam event.With its iconic red colour scheme, there was no mistaking that this was a Sunbeam event.

While the facade set the style, it was what was inside the container that really allowed the showroom to shine. We modified the structure of the shipping container itself, installing winch-lowered doors that helped the space feel more spacious and inviting. In addition, we also made use of an array of technology, including electronic wind sensitive awnings, modern lighting and an attractive audio visual setup.  

You can see the installation of the mobile space in this YouTube video from Proj-X Director Benjamin Feltham below.

What are the benefits of running a road show?  

The key benefit to any roadshow is higher exposure in markets in which you may not have a strong brand presence. An on-the-road marketing strategy allows you to introduce your products or services into these areas and start developing a relationship with prospective customers.  

Investopedia noted that road shows are particularly good at creating an air of excitement, and consequently may attract hundreds of visitors over the course of the event. When promoted online via email campaigns and social media, it's possible to generate a hype in the digital space that spills over into the real world when you arrive at your destination.

Road show attendees had the opportunity to get a close look at a range of Sunbeam products.Road show attendees had the opportunity to get a close look at a range of Sunbeam products.

Mobile spaces also give you the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. At trade shows and exhibitions, your company is typically competing with many other businesses with a similar offering, and you rarely – if ever – have the undivided attention of your clients.  

At a road show, of course, you may be the only company on display. This gives you time to start a more meaningful dialogue with your target market, understand their concerns and demonstrate why they should trust your brand.

For more information on how a customised road show could benefit your brand, get in touch with the team at Proj-X.