Whether you're launching a new product, aiming to expand into a new region or simply want to invigorate a listless brand, the best bet in today's marketing landscape is to think outside the box. Incorporating technology into trade shows, for instance, is a proven way of driving engagement in a specific region, but to really get your message out to the masses, you might want to consider taking your brand out on the road.

Memorable, unique and, thanks to its reusability, cost effective, road shows remain an incredibly potent trick up any savvy marketer's sleeve. Don't believe us? Here are five compelling reasons to mobilise your branding efforts:

1. Boost visibility in new markets

Where will your road show take you?Where will your road show take you?

Thanks to social media, email marketing and other internet-facilitated channels, it's easier than ever to beam your brand to the other side of the planet. However, it must be said that physical marketing endeavours and real-world customer experiences will always hold more weight than their virtual equivalents.

That's where road shows come into play. A mobile space fully customised to reflect your brand is an excellent way of (literally) driving your company into new markets where you previously may not have had much exposure. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your products and services with prospective customers in a low-pressure environment, which is sure to be of benefit to everyone involved.

For a winning combination of tangible and virtual, try promoting the road show via digital platforms to attract even larger audiences.

2. Dynamic environment for your sales team

Your sales team is sure to appreciate the opportunity to get out on the road.Your sales team is sure to appreciate the opportunity to get out on the road.

In any business, there are many cogs that must work in unison to achieve wider company goals, with some of the most important being the members of your sales team. Road shows are the perfect chance for these crucial employees to get out of the office and show off their skills in a new and ever-changing environment – and the results are often very lucrative for all parties.

Why? Well, as Marketo explained, the dialogue between prospects and sales teams is much more natural in a mobile marketing setting. The environment is social, conversation flows easily and there's no risk of would-be customers hanging up the phone.

The value of developing these real-world relationships with clients in potentially new markets is something that should not be underestimated. Just remember to keep a record of road-show-facilitated sales in order to get a good idea of your return on investment.

3. Cost effective in unpredictable economic conditions

Road shows can a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing avenues.Road shows can a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing avenues.

While there are some up-font expenses involved with designing, producing and rolling out a customised road show, in many cases it works out to be more cost effective than traditional means of brand engagement.

As Marketing Magazine explained, many companies with relatively small marketing budgets are making use of road shows and other field marketing techniques. This allows them to stand toe to toe with larger, deep-pocketed industry competitors, despite not being able to afford more costly promotional channels such as television and print. 

The cost effectiveness of road shows becomes even more apparent if you commit to reusing the mobile space. For example, you could take your road show out once a year, biannually or even quarterly to maintain connections with your audiences while really getting the most out of your investment.

4. Memorable experience for prospects

The memorable experience of a road show could help you capture more of your target market.The memorable experience of a road show could help you capture more of your target market.

In a world where customers can access products and services from around the world at the push of a button, the only thing that can help you stand out from the crowd is delivering a memorable customer experience. In fact, according to Forbes contributor Martin Zwilling, it is the most important benchmark in modern business. 

Mr Zwilling went on to explain that crafting a positive journey for your clients can be achieved in a number of ways, including:

  • Demonstrating your creativity
  • Showing how your products and services are different from your competitors'
  • Developing emotional connections with prospects

A road show ticks all these boxes. A customised, mobile space proves your company's creativity and gives you a unique platform from which to showcase your offerings while building meaningful relationships with prospective clients.

5. Proactive approach to marketing

The presence of a high-level decision maker can really make your road show stand out.The presence of a high-level decision maker can really make your road show stand out.

Taking a proactive approach to marketing and keeping in close contact with your clients is critical. As Business Insider explained, a road show can play a key role in achieving this objective. 

Getting creative with your road show and planning ahead can help you unlock even better results. Business Insider detailed a few different ideas including:

  • Bringing a high-level decision maker to some key stops in your road show
  • Preparing answers for any difficult questions you think may get asked
  • Striking a balance between trade show conferences and mobile events

The benefits of road shows don't end here. To find out more about how a mobile marketing space could help your business grow, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Proj-X team.