Hundreds of kooky, creative-looking old cars are about to hit the dusty roads of rural Australia. The cause? To raise money for Australia’s disadvantaged children, providing the supplies they need to thrive in school and life – and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

The NSW Variety B to B Bash

It all began about 30 years ago, when Dick Smith started organising a bash to raise funds for Variety, an organisation that buys wheelchairs, communication devices, walking frames and much more for children with special needs. All donations to the Variety Bash go to this charity, and drivers participating in the motor event get to deliver some of the supplies to the kids they’re helping. So far, Dick Smith alone has raised over $2 million for this extremely worthy cause.

What exactly happens during the bash? The cars, which must be pre-1976 models, are heavily decorated with flags, sponsor icons and other paraphernalia to add to the excitement and uniqueness of the event. This year, these vehicles hit the dust August 2, starting their journey which will end on August 11.

Travelling from a town beginning with B (Bass Hill this year) to another town starting with B (Bunbury), the drivers traverse 4,598 kilometres of rural Australia they probably wouldn’t otherwise explore. The trail was inspired by the Old RedX trail, and this year it includes a secondary, optional ‘mini bash’ from Bunbury to Beagle Bay (3,801 km). Check out the full itinerary here.

Along the way, they stop in towns, sometimes sleeping under the stars if there aren’t any hotels. In addition to events and fun awards, participants get to swing by the schools to hand over some equipment to the children at the centre of it all.

Let’s fuel car 202!

Proj-X is proud to be a sponsor of car 202, a 1966 250S Mercedes driven by Darryle Alexander. Just to take part in the event, Darryle’s team had to raise a minimum of $8,500, so the work began long ago and he’s off to a roaring start.

You can further fuel the journey by making a donation on Variety’s website. Feel free to add in Bash car 202 in the comments!

Darryl is driving Car 202, the black Mercedes, in the NSW Variety Bash. The event raises money to support children with special needs.Darryl is driving car 202, the black Mercedes.

Aside from that, let’s rally for Darryle with some encouragement. He’d love to read any messages of support as he finishes the drive, so feel free to post your messages below and we’ll be sure to pass them along. Drive on, Darryle!