Digital Signage helps companies increase their sales, strengthen their brands and streamline their information. The displays can support advertising, guidance or entertainment with greater impact than traditional signage can.

This thin design 58″ totem display features a 58″ Full HD screen, optimal for displaying different types of advertisements/information. The content possibilities are unlimited thanks to support for both images and videos.


58″ Digital Signage Screen

58 “is a suitable size to expose and reach the customers in an huge way with big impact in large spaces such as airports, shopping centers etx. The big size ensures that the message is fully delivered.

Photos and Video

This digital signage screen is equipped with advanced controls that allows one to display images or video. You can create your own playlists and choose from 20 different types of “slide effect”. There are settings for how long images are displayed (between 5 seconds – 24 hours). The screen does the job automatically


There are many advantages to using the TIMER function. You save on electricity costs and benefit both economically and environmentally.In addition, it extends the product’s life. The advanced TIMER in Proj-X Design’s digital signage can be set with 5 different on / off settings to efficiently use the screen to maximum effect. The internal battery ensures timer settings are preserved even if the power is disconnected.


Proj-X Design will assist you in developing different types of display content (photos, videos, animations). Please talk to us about your needs and we will customize a solution that’s right for you.