When you hold a conference or other boutique marketing event, you create a unique opportunity for companies to interact face-to-face with a prime audience.
Not only are attendees typically “warmer” compared to the average crowd, they’re actively seeking information from groups or individuals at the event. In an age where people increasingly interact more online than in person, these face-to-face encounters can be incredibly valuable for forming personal business connections, conveying brand messages and demonstrating offerings.
As an organiser, how can you make the most of your event? In addition to attracting a good batch of participants and attendees, it helps to make a strong first impression. And that’s where custom-built displays come in.

What’s in a conference booth?

People may say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the fact of the matter is that we make snap judgements all the time. Signs, ambiance, media and general appearance all play a role in grabbing our attention and capturing our imagination.
For your participants, having the right space to showcase their products and hold conversations with interested guests can make all the difference. They’re looking for this kind of opportunity as they choose shows, so it’s worth putting the infrastructure in place that will please them and their visitors.
Research has shown that first impressions are formed in a matter of seconds – which means the overall look and feel of a conference room as well as the individual presentations within booths can go a long way in putting attendees in the right frame of mind and leaving them with a positive experience.
For that reason, a custom booth design can go a long way sparking visitors’ interest and forming a lasting impression regarding the conference as a whole. From just the right lighting to compelling messaging, a design strategy that hits the mark is key for a successful event.

How is Proj-X different?

These conferences and industry events usually last only a few days at most and often allocate limited space to each display. For that reason, many booths end up looking pretty bland, built with the standard white panels that form most out-of-the-box solutions.
Proj-X custom-built booth designs are different. While still being a cost-effective option, our exhibit designers apply their industry-leading expertise to develop much more creative, elegant, modern booths – the kind that make guests take a second look.
Rather than quickly producing cookie-cutter displays, we take the time to sit down with you and learn about your goals, business and message. Through this process, we can craft a strategy tailor-made for your unique characteristics and objectives.
As a conference host, you can choose a design concept along with several packages to offer your participants. For instance, you might sell Gold, Silver and Bronze options to presenters, with different types of seating and display stands available in each level. You could also incorporate some unique areas like chill-out zones, internet cafes and coffee barista stations for participants to sponsor, providing additional marketing opportunities while creating a great environment for attendees.

Why choose a custom booth design?

Boutique events practically demand more creative booths. After all, if you hire out a unique or special venue, such as a heritage site or conference room with stunning vistas, your interior design should be equally impressive. Those bland “shell-scheme” booths just don’t seem to suit, and then can take the whole atmosphere down a peg.
Your conference is one-of-a-kind, so why not craft a breathtaking display that’s unlike anything else you’ll find on the market?
Our custom booth designs are made specifically for boutique marketing events and conferences using the finest materials. With visually pleasing shapes and features, these displays capture the personality of the show and let it shine while creating a professional, polished presentation.
Your participants will also love the opportunity to tailor their space to their needs – we can work with individual exhibitors to customise booths further with logos, graphics and other branding.
As a whole, conference booth designs that are a step above the rest can create a fantastic space where participants know they look great representing their organisations. Ultimately, this approach can raise the profile of your exhibition, driving its success so it’s more viable next year.
A phenomenal event starts with making a strong, intriguing impression and finishes with having the space and resources necessary to communicate effectively with visitors. From selecting the right furniture to leveraging space and lighting artistically, we can help you and your participants showcase materials in the most captivating manner, building the right environment to foster business relationships and hold engaging discussions.
Give us a call to talk about creating a unique, compelling conference booth design for your upcoming events. We’ll bring our proven expertise, experience and resources to the table so you can rest assured you’ll have stunning results.